Non Surgical Hair Replacement Toronto Is An Option For Everyone

non surgical hair replacement in toronto

Most bald people are not bald by choice; they have simply lost the battle to maintain the health of their full head of hair. These people have been taking a ragging for their bare scalps for ages. Early attempts to cover the bare skin on top of their heads have not produced acceptable results. Wigs and those who wear them have been the butt of numerous jokes made in movies, television and everyday life. Fortunate were people who wear some form of headgear for religious or cultural reasons; the sparse hair covers at the top of their heads are kept from prying and sometimes mocking eyes.

So what are people who have gone bald involuntarily to do? There are many salons offering Non Surgical Hair Replacement Toronto. But the best salons will always offer to conduct an initial examination and assessment of their patient’s condition before doing anything else. Where there is a chance to treat the baldness and restore natural hair growth, these salons will offer to provide them or recommend a professional who can provide the best hair loss treatment. Only when these treatments fail or when the condition is assessed as irreversible will these salons offer their services for hair replacement.

Surgical hair replacement is a bit of a misnomer. The procedure does not replace hair or add hair to the scalps of the patients. Healthy hair the patients already have growing in their scalps are just harvested from dense areas and transplanted to thinning or bald areas. They also cost a lot of money and takes months or even a year before any appreciable difference becomes noticeable. The upside is that they are permanent and would require no maintenance, except what one does for hair: shampoo and conditioner basically. But before deciding to avail of surgical hair transplants, it is best to consult with a member of the Canadian Dermatology Association for advice.

Options available to a wider market are offered by Non Surgical Hair Replacement companies in Toronto. Non surgical hair replacement procedures are for everyone who needs them and for whatever purpose. These can be fitted to men, women and even children. Women and actors can use them just to change hair styles or to suit certain movie roles. But for people who are not comfortable being bald, they provide a way to regain a thick head of hair and most of their dignity in the process.

Various Hair Systems Toronto are available which are now more natural looking and undetectable than ever. These new hair pieces are so carefully crafted that they cannot be distinguished from the wearer’s remaining hair. Moreover these new hair pieces are very comfortable; the base for the best hair pieces allow the scalp to ‘breathe’ thus preventing the scalp from heating up. Most hair pieces allow strenuous activity and wet conditions without fear of getting detached from the scalp. Many salons offer Hair Systems servicing Toronto to keep custom fitted hair pieces in top condition always.

There is a non surgical hair replacement method waiting to solve the problems of a bald man, woman or child. All it takes is a consultation with your friendly local non-surgical hair replacement professional.