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Dealing with Back Pains From Golf

If you love playing golf, there is no point trying to explain to you how much energy and strength it requires, and how much strain it can put on your back if you’re not careful. Back pain and chiropractic treatments are common problems among serious golfers, but with a little care, a lot of pain can be avoided.

Check out this article that shares some helpful tips that can help you reduce the chances of inflicting a back injury the next you play golf:

Back Pain from Golf

Those who love the sport are familiar with back pain from golf. As you can see in the picture, with the extreme rotation, a lot of stress is placed on your spine. Even a casual golfer on a par 3 is taking at least 27 swings, plus practice swings plus warm up swings on the range. You can easily put your spine through 150 high speed extreme ranges of motion on the golf course. Considering that, it is no wonder why you have back pain from golf.

There are several things you can do to avoid back pain from golf. The best advice I have is that the healthier you go into the season, the healthier you will come out of the season. If you have an extra 20 or even 40 lbs hanging of the front of your belly, that isn’t a good way to start the season. It intensifies the pressure placed on your spine during your swing. Though I don’t want to minimize the effort it takes to lose weight, it’s often the easiest and best way to make your back feel better.

Secondly, to avoid back pain from golf, keep your body loose and limber when you play. While I hate walking a course when it is super hot out, walking the course is much better for your back than driving in a cart. It keeps your muscles warm and active.

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Staying healthy is not a one time process, and is result of developing regular healthy practices. If you take care of your body regularly, you are less likely to fall ill, get muscle pulls, or suffer  from chronic pain. Not just for playing golf, you can try out certain things to stay healthy all summer, Checkout this article below to know how you can keep your back healthy:

Summer Exercise Is Good for Your Back

A previous blog post discussed challenges people with back pain may face in the summer, such as travel, gardening, and humidity:

Now, we’ll discuss how summer can help those with back pain. Mainly, it’s the perfect time of year to engage in appropriate outdoor exercises to rehabilitate your back.

Strong core body muscles, low-impact aerobic exercises, and regular stretching are all key to keeping back pain at bay.

Most types of exercise can be done year-round, but the sunlight and green grass of summer can be great encouragement to get out and make the best of a pleasant day. Plus, the warm weather and nice scenery can increase feelings of well-being and decrease stress and anger in a way the inside of a gym may not be able to.

4 summer exercise ideas

Here are some suggestions of how summer can give your exercise routine a boost:


  • Swimming and water therapy


Consider the summer a time to get out to your local lakes, rivers, and outdoor pools for swimming and water exercise, which tend to be especially gentle exercise for your joints and back.


  • Biking


For many with low back pain, biking is a good low-impact form of exercise that is gentle on the lower back.


  • Yoga and tai chi


Yoga and tai chi are excellent low-impact activities for those with back or neck pain. In the summer, classes are often held in parks or on beaches.


  • Exercise walking


Parks, woodlands, or new neighborhoods are all new places you can explore by taking summer walks a few times a week. If walking is hard on your hips or lower back, consider adding trekking poles to your walking routine.
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